We put together this list of the best dog costumes to brighten up even the gloomiest of days!

They’re simply irresistible . . .

Seeing a dog dressed up in a little doggy costume is one of the best things ever! Whether it is a cute little suit, a scary Halloween costume, or simply an outfit to showcase how classy your puppy is; it is one of the most fulfilling activities for any dog owner. [1]

There are so many choices out there, depending on the occasion you have in mind. If you are looking for a St. Patrick’s Day costume, or for a birthday party, or Thanksgiving or even Christmas, you’re bound to find countless options; therefore it may be important to know the most popular ones.

Don’t be fooled by the look on your dog’s face. They absolutely enjoy being in costume and parading around looking all glamorous. This is something different for them, so give them time and space to explore their new selves.

Make a day of it, and let them try out different outfits and lap around in them. [2]

Most popular dog costumes

A dog’s costume should be adorable, so here’s a list of the top five we found instilling either laughter to the point of tears, or just “awwws” all around.

TOMSENN | Lion Wig for Dogs


This is one of those outfits that should give you some of the funniest moments. Seeing your cute doggo walking around looking like a lion should be absolutely hilarious. The lion wig has been designed for the medium-sized to large breed dogs, which can easily and more realistically pass as lions.

The Tomsenn company wigs will turn your lovely pooch into the king of the jungle, plus they have been known to use high-quality materials that should last a long time. The mane is woolen and it should be easy to clean and maintain.


  • Good design
  • Made of high-quality materials.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Safe for your dog.


  • Made for large or mid-sized dogs only.

Customers feedback

The excellent reviews for this product clearly show that it is a great proven costume for your dog. Most users gave it an average of 4.4 out of 5 stars and claimed that it completely transformed their lovely pooches into roaring and scary lions (well, at least gave them the appearance, the silliness was still around).

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NACOCO | Cowboy Rider Dog Costume


This one will transform your precious puppy into a cowboy. Not only does it make your dog look hilarious, but it should capture the attention of everyone in the streets. Imagine your cowboy looking dog like the Corgi above running around with the little cowboy flapping around on top. How funny is that?

The design of the saddle looking clothes should be very easy to wear for the dog as it is made of Velcro, and its adjustable according to the size of your little dog. It is also very cuddly and comfortable, ensuring that your dog wears it for a long period of time.

The material used is soft, skin-friendly, and breathable. This is because it is a combination of polyester and cotton fibers. The dog can stay with it all day long as it’s pretty comfy.


  • Can be used on almost all breeds.
  • Can be used on most sizes.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Made of high-quality material.


  • The cowboy may have trouble sitting upright sometimes.

Customer reviews

Earning an impressive 4.3 out of 5 stars rating, most customers were entertained and impressed with how funny their pooches looked in it. It was also a good fit, easy to clean and put on the dog. It comes highly recommended for birthdays and other occasions.

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RUBIEs | Pink “Fifties Girl” Dog Costume


This is a beautifully stripped little dress with a pink skirt. The headpiece comes as a pink bow to complete the outfit. Not only will this outfit make your puppy look glamorous, but it should also be able to uplift the spirits of anyone who sees her running towards them in all her glory.


  • Very classy.
  • Perfect for a girl.
  • Very comfortable.


  • Designed for small pets.

Customers feedback

Most customers who used this product were impressed with its fit and look. They reported that their precious pooches became the center of attention, and everyone commended them on the choice of a great costume. Plus, it looked really cute and satisfying watching them run around like a ballerina.

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GENERICs | Funny Carrying Pumpkin Costume


This is a complete jumpsuit with arms and everything, and it looks like a pumpkin. That, combined with the photo above, should be more than enough information for you to know just how funny your puppy will look in this costume.

Made of 100% real velvet, this costume is not only cute, but also be warm enough to keep your precious pooch cozy even during the winter weather.

This costume for dogs also has 100% fluffy polyester within it, that gives it an extra layer of softness. The design could be the unique costume that you have been looking for, and one that should make everyone have a great time.

The costume makes for an ideal birthday gift, Christmas gift or as you’ve guessed . . . Halloween!


  • Made of good quality material.
  • Ideal for different occasions.
  • Very comfortable for your pooch.
  • Nice and warm during the cold seasons.


  • The sizes are a little small, so be sure to take correct measurements.

Customers feedback

This product was actually voted the best Christmas present back in 2016, and it has not disappointed in the following years. With a solid rating of 4.0 out of 5 stars, most customers were not only impressed by its feel and look, they also loved how funny their furry little doggo looked in it. It comes highly recommended as a laughter and attention grabbing proven choice.

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wowowo | Guitarist Dog Costume


For this dog costume, you should imagine your pooch on stage at a John Mayer concert. Not only is it a super funny looking one, it’s also actually pretty well made. People will be roaring with laughter just by looking at him all glammed up with a guitar on his hand, begging for a song!

The material used to make the costume is polyester, which is high-quality, and extremely delicate, to ensure that your pet is well taken care of. It is also lightweight, soft, and breathable, plus, it has been designed to make it easy to take off, after your pups put on a show.


  • Made of good quality material.
  • Ideal for most occasions.
  • Gives everyone a good laugh and makes the good times fun.
  • One of the best designs.


  • Most ideal for small dogs.

Customers feedback

Most of the feedback is extremely positive. Most customers were happy with how their pooches looked in the costume but some complained that the guitar strings broke within a short period of time; something to keep in mind.

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Final say on dog costumes

Every dog owner entertains the idea of dressing up their dogs at one point or another, and it may just be for fun, or to celebrate a specific function. If you’re one of them, and feel like it’s time, then choosing one of the most popular costumes for dogs from above is starting off on a high note!

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