If you’re on the hunt for the best dog food for allergies, you’re at the right place! You’ve probably gone to the vet for your annual check-up, and everything looked good, right?

Identifying the problem

Your dogs are healthy and happy, except for one thing that’s been nagging at the back of your mind. For whatever reason, little Max “goes” outside five or six times a day!

how to spot dog allergies

You’ve done every test imaginable, and as it turns out, the culprit is his food.

Modern day dog foods are designed for convenience. They often cram as much nutrition into as small a package as possible, and while that makes feeding our pets less of a hassle, there can always be some subtle ingredients like corn or different kinds of wheat that are difficult for your dog to properly process.

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Dog foods for allergies reviewed

That’s why limited ingredient dog food has become quite popular around the world. If you’re not quite sure which ingredient is causing the issue, then one of the bags on this list might be for you, since it strips every recipe down to its core, healthy essentials.

BLUE Basics Limited Ingredient Diet | Grain Free Natural Adult Dry Dog Food


The first step to choosing a limited ingredient food is to find one protein source that sits well with your dog, and BLUE believes that you’ll find it in one of their recipes in this range that contain anything from lamb to turkey.

This great grain-free option is low on protein, but high on flavor and vitamins without tossing in unneeded ingredients like alfalfa or potato that are so common to commercial dog foods.


  • Sourced meats are high quality
  • Single protein sources encourage finicky eaters to try the food
  • Grain-free recipes


  • Contains carrageenan, a suspected carcinogen in humans and pets. [1]

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Customer feedback

Customers marvel at the dramatic improvement their dogs have experienced after eating this food for a short while. They note that itchy skin and diarrhea rapidly disappear, which dramatically improves the quality of life of their pet.

Unfortunately, there have been some bad batches of food in the past, so be sure to keep an eye on the recall list so you can catch potential problems before they appear.

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Wellness Natural Pet Food | Simple Limited Ingredient Diet


Wellness has a longstanding reputation among both cat and dog lovers for the quality of their foods, and this line is no different.

The company managed to create sensitive-stomach friendly foods by including higher quality, more nutritious ingredients to maintain their standards while still cutting out unnecessary products.

It’s also quite affordable, but that comes at the expense of it including grains as the first ingredient in some recipes.


  • Affordable
  • Also comes in canned recipes for added moisture


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Customer feedback

Customers who try their first bag of Wellness are often quite pleased they did because it’s easy for their dog to digest which results in less messy walks in the mornings and evenings. Since the individual pellets are small and easy to process, dogs should also need to go out less which is a huge relief for days when you’re gone for hours at a time.

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Rachael Ray Nutrish | Zero Grain Natural Dry Dog Food


We’re big fans of her regular line of foods, so it’s a big compliment for us to say that these Zero Grain recipes are even better. While they’re not single-source protein like some of the other brands on this list, what’s used is great and should conform to the dietary needs of most pets.

Turkey and chicken are both lean, high-quality meats, and the supplemental ingredients like flaxseed do wonders for digestion. [2]


  • Pieces are small and soft, making them ideal for older dogs with weaker teeth
  • Different protein sources in each recipe help attract picky eaters


  • May be difficult to find locally, so owners need to plan ahead to account for shipping times

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Customer feedback

Customers are happy to report that regardless of the age or breed of the dog, that this food is a tremendous hit. They report that it smells great and instantly attracts the hungry mouths of their precious pets.

They’re also thrilled that clean-up is a breeze since stools are firmer and less frequent. However, some do complain that certain flavors (fish, in particular), have almost too strong of a scent that can actually repel dogs from the bag, even if it’s not a primary ingredient.

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AvoDerm Natural Dog Food | Chicken Meal & Brown Rice Formula


By offering limited ingredient diets, many companies need to decide what to keep and what to cut. It’s a complicated process, but AvoDerm gets through it by incorporating avocados into their dog food to provide many different key nutrients simultaneously.

While their recipes don’t have common allergens like corn or wheat, they’re not grain-free since they include both brown and white rice. It’s not bad, it’s just something to keep in mind before you order.


  • Avocados are packed with nutrients to provide many benefits to your dog
  • Vegetables are visible among the kibble, so they’re less processed


  • Price fluctuates often, making it hard to budget for

Customer feedback

Customers love the fact that by feeding this food to their dog they’re delivering the same nutritional content found in prescription dog food at a fraction of the price. Especially in multiple pet households, these savings add up quickly.

After a few weeks of eating this food dog’s coats become sleek and shiny, an exterior sign of a healthy body that matches how they feel inside. It can be frustrating for some that this food is online-only, but if you set recurring subscriptions then you’ll never have to worry about missing a delivery.

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PS for Dogs | 100% Hypoallergenic Dog Food


If you have a lot of money to spend and have tried everything else, then you might have to turn to PS for Dogs, an ultra-premium dog food that delivers raw-quality meat directly to your pet.

A vast majority of the ingredients are meat and organs which are packed full of essential vitamins and nutrients, but you pay for it. Just two pounds of it can run close to 30 dollars, so for some large breeds, it might be a better choice to use it as a snack.


  • Single-source protein
  • Air-dried to preserve nutrients


  • Higher price
  • Small bags

Customer feedback

Customers who can afford it and don’t have any other options left thankfully adore the outcome that this pet food has provided. They report that rashes, itching, and hair loss have almost completely stopped within days of trying the food, which has cut down on their vet bills dramatically.

Unfortunately, the big problem is the price. Most owners have to resort to using this as a treat or “topper” for more affordable foods, and while that’s great, it means that a majority of dog owners can’t use this as their only solution.

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Final say on dog food to help with allergies

If you suffer from allergies of your own, then you know how brutal they can be when they flare up. Dogs who are allergic to ingredients in their food are forced to suffer daily, so rather than spend countless amounts of money and time on vet visits and shots, consider changing up their diet to something more hypoallergenic. [3]

Regardless of your budget, we have something on this list to match it, so stop putting it off and pick up a bag today. Within just a few short weeks, you’ll be thankful that you did.


Did you know that some owners have their dogs on a vegetarian diet . . . ? 


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