So you’re looking for the good stuff when it comes to dog food? Glad you’re here, below we list out and review the five best organic dog food choices to consider in varying categories such as:

  • dry
  • wet
  • dehydrated
  • all life stages
  • and best ones for small breeds.

The way to a dog’s heart is through his or her stomach, and that means that a happy life for your beloved pet starts with a top of the line dog food.

There are hundreds of bags, recipes, and brands all claiming to be the definitive source on pet nutrition. Some of them even claim to be vet recommended, which honestly man not be worth it’s weight in gold, when you consider that many vets are sponsored by the food companies themselves.

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Top organic dog foods reviewed

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It’s not always as simple as going to your local pet shop and picking out a bag. Many cheaper brands will source low-quality ingredients that could be filled with bacteria or antibiotics, [1] which isn’t something you want to be giving to your pet multiple times a day for the rest of their lives.

To get the best food, you need to do your homework and dig into those ingredients lists. It’s a long, potentially frustrating process . . . so we did it for you! Listed below are the best of the best across five different categories of organic dog food.

Jump to what you need or read through them all! It’s up to you.

Best Dry Organic Dog Food | Lily’s Kitchen Proper Organic Dog Food


Named after the terrier who inspired the iconic recipes, Lily’s Kitchen is based in the United Kingdom and is focused on delivering all the essential and beneficial elements of dog nutrition to pets around the world.

Popular formulas start with organic chicken as the first ingredient and then tosses in rice, oats, and veggies to provide a balanced meal full of vitamins and minerals. There’s no filler here, so you know that when you serve up a dish of this kibble that Lily’s didn’t skimp on any of the ingredients.


  • Low in fat
  • Includes probiotics


  • Some don’t like that it contains fish meal

Customer feedback

This dog food earned an impressive rating of 5 out of 5 stars, and customers love the care that Lily’s Kitchen puts into their organic dog food. These recipes are a big hit among owners who rave about the energy levels of their pet after each feeding.

Since the food is free of any unneeded preservatives or filler, dogs are at almost no risk of allergic reactions which is a massive load off the minds of owners. While fishmeal isn’t ideal [2] for those looking to cut potential mercury from their dog’s diet, the food does have some added nutritional benefits that owners adore.

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Best Wet Organic Dog Food | Newman’s Own Organics Beef and Liver


Newman’s Own is one of the most respected brands around for human food, so it only makes sense that they took their expertise to the world of pet nutrition as well.

These cans of dog food offer plenty of moisture for the hot summer months, while not compromising on a protein-rich diet. With profits that go to charity, your dog will be getting an enjoyable treat, while your dollars will be helping someone in need each time you buy a case.


  • Dogs adore the scent and flavor
  • Great for older dogs who have trouble chewing hard kibble


  • Includes carrageenan [3]
  • Formula changes often

Customer feedback

Feedback for Newman’s Own dog food is quite positive overall with the product earning a 3.6 out of 5-star rating. Owners noticed more active and alert pets that were always eager for their next meal.

The higher grade of ingredients resulted in smaller, less smelly dog waste which makes walks more enjoyable for owners, while also showing how beneficial the food can be for the digestive system of their pet.

However, many recent customers are displeased that the formulas change constantly but continue and include carrageenan despite its potentially harmful long-term effects.

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Best Dehydrated Organic Dog Food | Honest Kitchen Human Grade Organic Dog Food


Dehydrated dog foods are excellent choices for pets with sensitive stomachs since the food is put through a cooking process that’s easy on the digestive system. Honest Kitchen puts human grade ingredients like beef into a meal that maintains almost all of its essential nutrients from the start of the cooking process to the finish.

Owners just need to add some water, and dogs will be getting quite the feast! The company has been around for almost twenty years, so you know they must be doing something right.


  • Extremely concentrated, so a little food goes a long way
  • Different preparation methods can appeal to different dogs, making this food quite versatile


  • Need to ensure that you’re feeding the proper amount since it’s easy for dogs to lose weight while on this food

Customer feedback

This product earned a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars. Dogs adore the smell and taste of most flavors, even if humans don’t find the scent particularly appetizing. Despite how sloppy and messy it is though, owners appreciate the flexibility they have when re-hydrating the food.

Many even decide to add extra water or supplements like salmon oil to offer more vitamins or hydration on a dog by dog basis. Some customers have complained that their dogs began to lose weight, however, so just make sure when feeding that you’re giving the proper portions for this food, and not the one you’re used to feeding him or her.

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Best All Life Stages Organic Dog Food | Natural Planet Organics Chicken and Oats


Some owners don’t like switching up the food of their pup as they age, and if consistency is what you’re after then this bag of food is one of the best things you could be feeding your pet over the next fifteen years, or hopefully more.

Chicken, oats, and turkey make up the majority of the ingredients in this recipe which results in a protein-rich food that tastes great and is free of unwanted medicines and bacteria that are found in most meats from abroad.


  • Very affordable
  • Certified organic, so you know you’re not paying for marketing


  • A concentrated recipe, so dogs who eat quickly might experience some stomach distress

Customer feedback

This food earned a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars, and customers on the hunt for ethically sourced dog food are quite pleased with what they found in this formula from Natural Planet.

Since ingredients are sourced and processed in the USA, customers feel that they can trust the quality of the product which is excellent, since dogs simply devour the food. You just have to be careful when transitioning your dog to it though, since they’ll most likely gobble it up too quickly for their own good.

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Best Small Breed Organic Dog Food | Organix Small Breed Recipe


Not all dogs are created equally, and their nutritional needs can vary as well. [4] Food explicitly formulated for small breeds can provide crucial calories for the higher metabolic rates of your bitty sized pups.

Castor & Pollux are one of the most recognized names in dog food, and these small breed recipes show us why since they’re loaded with ingredients designed to provide the best for your dog. From chicken to peas to vitamin B12, this bag is your dog’s one-stop shop for a lifetime of happiness.


  • Company has a long-standing reputation for quality
  • Kibble is soft enough for older dogs to chew through


  • A bit expensive

Customer feedback

This food earned a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. For customers with terriers, chihuahuas, and pugs, this food has been a godsend since it’s calorie-rich while still being a healthy option for everyday use.

It has proven to be a big hit for even older dogs with digestive and dental issues since the pellets are soft and easy on the stomach. However, the bags are only sold in small sizes that are quite expensive, meaning you have to be ready to purchase on a regular basis.

Customers are also wary about the fact that Nestle owns the company since they’re concerned about a potential switch to low-cost and low-quality ingredients.

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Final thoughts on feeding dogs organic

dog licking his lips for some organic dog food

Good dog food is the foundation for a healthy and happy pet. With a belly full of the nutrients that he or she needs to thrive, you’ll notice an abundance of energy and playfulness well into their old age.

Whether you’re looking for dry food, wet food, or anything in between, we lined up the best options made up of the best ingredients, so you don’t have to spend your weekend digging around.

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