Looking to keep your dog cool and comfy in the summer heat?

Cooling pads for dogs might be what you need!

We examine the top five of these savvy inventions ahead.

The problem

When summer time comes around and the temperatures skyrocket, we all love to take a dip in the pool so we can cool down; or eat some ice cream and drink some cold drinks. This helps us maintain our sanity in the midst of all the heat.

Now, dogs are different. They are not able to perspire like us [1], and especially if you have a dog that just won’t swim, then keeping him cool becomes a challenge. Dogs actually rely on their panting behavior in order to try and release excess heat that is trapped within their bodies.[2]

Panting, though good, is not enough to keep them cool, especially if it is very hot, and remembering that their bodies are fur-coated [3], it must get really hot for them. So, most people try to help their pooches by keeping them in a cool room, or trying to aerate their kennels, or by using electric fans and so forth.

Whilst all of these methods may work, they still won’t do enough for your dog, and you may actually end up with an extremely hefty electric bill.

The solution

The best option is to consider buying your dog a cooling pad or mat. This is a mat that is designed to help your dog cool off. It is pressure-activated and made of gel. It works by absorbing the high temperature of the dog and releasing cool air that cools them down.

Maybe swimming is how your dog cools down? Don’t forget to bring a long a life jacket for your dog!

Swimming is great and all, if your dog likes it; but nothing beats having a cooling pad in the comfort of your (their) own home and relaxing on it, as it drains the body heat and cools you down. No paddling to stay afloat, no shaking off the water, just fighting the oncoming sleepiness (or giving in).

Top five cooling pads for dogs

Now, as with all things that carry significant value with them, cooling pads for your pet come in many forms and from many manufactures. So browsing through the abyss that is the internet and scoping in on the best option can be time consuming. But hey, that’s why you have us, we did the heavy lifting!

Let’s take a look at the top five options we’ve found, shall we?

The Green Pet Shop | Dog Cooling Pad


Pro tip: Ideal for home and travel.

This is a pressure activated cooling pad, which relies on patented self-cooling technology that aims to help your puppy cool off during the hot days. It should provide them with 3-4 hours of cool time, and the clock should start when your dog lies down.

It does not require that you fill it with water, use up any electricity, refrigerate it, etc. This cooling pad automatically recharges after just 20 minutes of non-use. It’s a great solution for old/senior dogs that may have some health conditions causing them to boil up inside.


  • Lightweight and easily folds.
  • Ideal for aged dogs.
  • Cools the dog for 3-4 hours.


  • Needs supervision to avoid dogs from chewing it.

Customers feedback

This product comes with excellent reviews, and most customers called it the most beloved cooling mat on the market. One customer actually used it on herself as well, and she had nothing but praise for the cooling mat, as she discovered it’s effectiveness first hand. So, remember who you’re buying it for!

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Arf Pets | Self Cooling Mat for Dog Kennels


This is a continuously recharging cooling mat with dog kennel use in mind; it should provide cooling relief for your pooch for up to 3 hours! The versatile design used in its making aims to prevent dehydration and overheating.

The material used in its manufacturing is non-toxic and does not contain any latex. This means that it should be 100% safe for both pets and humans alike. Plus, it easily folds, which means you can move it, store it, or just put it aside so it doesn’t not lose its shape over time; makes it convenient for traveling and storage.


  • Recharges automatically.
  • Helps cool down kenneled dogs
  • Non-toxic.
  • Does not contain any latex.
  • Easily folds and can be used while traveling.


  • Gets hot if placed under direct sunlight.

Customers feedback

Most customers were happy with this cooling mat and gave it rave reviews. They said that their dogs loved laying on it (a little too much!) and they actually visibly cooled off after a few minutes. For the adults who used it, they had nothing but praise for the mats; it can cool down both people and dogs!

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Hugs Pet Products | Chillz Cooling Pad for Dogs


This is a beautifully designed cooling pad that can help your dog feel comfortable by being cooler, because it is pressure activated and absorbs the heat from the dog helping deliver relief from heat-related complications.

It should fold up easily for storage and for using it while traveling and on the outdoors. It measures 19.5 inches long by 15.7 inches wide (50 cm x 40 cm) and you shall find that it is lightweight, puncture resistant, and highly portable.


  • Non-toxic
  • Innovative design
  • Eco-friendly
  • Folds easily for travel.
  • Self-charges while not in use.


  • Strong dogs may tear it apart.

Customers feedback

The reviews show that it is a well-loved product, and has been known to give excellent service to both people and dogs. It is designed well, and most customers said it actually beautified their living rooms and helped cool down their dogs. Many costumers were skeptical at first, but once they saw their dogs attachment to this mat, they concluded that it must be the real deal.

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AKC | Cooling Mat for Pets


This is a non-toxic cooling mat for your puppy from the American Kennel Club. It’s created to help keep your dog cooled off during the unbearable summer days. It does not require any refrigeration or batteries for it to work. With the ability to self-charge, it’s a great option for dog owners who have little time to worry about battery replacement and/or refrigeration of the mat.

You can keep it on the floor, or in dog houses, or even on crates, for your dog to just lay there and relax. The outer material is made of 100% composite polyester, and on the inside, there is a non-toxic liquid cooling gel, which absorbs the dog’s heat and helps in keeping him nice and cool.


  • Quality materials used
  • Does not require refrigeration or electricity.
  • Helps to prevent heat related illness
  • Made of non-toxic materials.


  • The size, it could be bigger.

Customers feedback

Most of the verified customers who used this product had nothing but praise for its design and usability. They were happy that it was able to cool off their dogs in a matter of minutes, and they did not need to use their expensive electric fans anymore.

Some reported the pad getting cold, very cold, which at first didn’t make sense, as far as the inner workings of it all; but the pets love it and it does it’s job tremendously well.

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Coleman | Comfort Cooling Gel Pet Pad


This is an ideal mat for your puppy because it stays 5-10 degrees cooler than the room temperature. You need not refrigerate it or use batteries to make it work. It self-charges and should help protect your dog from heat-related health issues and overall keep them chilled out.

It comes with a non-toxic gel that is safe for your pet and efficiently absorbs their body heat. Best part is that cleaning it is very simple, you basically just need to wipe it off after your dog uses it.


  • Non-toxic and safe.
  • Easily folds up for storage and travel.
  • Simple to clean and maintain.


  • If kept under direct sunlight, it may malfunction.

Customers feedback

With an outstanding customer rating, this is a well-loved product that produced some excellent results for most that used it. Within just a few minutes most dogs were well on their way to getting cooled off. Be sure not to keep it outdoors under direct sunlight, as it may not work as it should.

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Time to chill out . . .

Nothing feels as great as cooling down on a hot summer day. Dogs share our sentiment on this particular topic. They feel the heat too, and the best thing you can do for them is invest in a great cooling pad, on top of taking them for a swim if they’re not water adverse, and having a fan running for them to lay under and reminisce of the spring and fall cooler days.

Why not add a frozen dog treat to really chill them out! 🙂


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