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Who is Victor and what makes his dog food so good? Is there a Victor at all?

We are finally taking a look at this seemingly mysterious Victor Dog Food brand; which has apparently been around since the ’50’s!

But don’t worry, we’ll try and lift the veil of mystery below.

Victor dog food’s slogan is, “proven nutrition, fueled by passion,” and they label themselves as a super premium pet food.[1]

Now: Is any of this actually true, or are we being marketed to? Let’s find out!

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Why review Victor? It’s a pet food brand that has been receiving significant high praise around the doggo lovers community lately. But at the same time we feel as if this private company just doesn’t have a good amount of information out there about it’s operations, to go along with it’s quality products. So we decided to do a little digging!

Examined: Victor Super Premium Dog Food

As much as those who swear by it, promote it, many people still haven’t heard about Victor dog food. Mainly due to the fact that it doesn’t sit on the shelves of many local stores; it’s more of an exclusive brand when it comes to distribution via brick and martyr retail outlets.

Ahead: We go behind the scenes of Victor pet food, find out how it rates, whether it’s safe or if there’s room for concern, who makes it and where, associated recalls, and more. Full speed ahead!

Is Victor Dog Food Safe?

Perhaps this is the only reason you’re here, looking to confirm the safety of Victor pet food before going through with the purchase. In which case, let’s get right to the point.

Quality and safety team: Victor Dog Food has a full time food safety team at their manufacturing facility that runs the labs and oversees the day to day operations and activities. Every truck load that comes into the receiving quarters is subject to a multitude of tests performed on every raw material; tests are continuously performed all the way to the end product, which itself is tested to confirm it meets the specifications.

Our whole business revolved around food safety. ~ Scott Glover, Company CEO

Good track record: Victor super premium dog food is not only highly regarded by the community of dog food raters and reviews, but it has a legit track record to justify it. There have been no known recalls of their dog food to date, and even more surprisingly, no significant complaints from informed dog owners.

Behind the scenes: Let’s find out who makes the kibbles that come in the bag, shall we?

Victor dog food is manufactured and owned by a company called Mid-America Pet Food. A family-owned ad operated company based out of Texas, that develops and manufactures premium pet food for a number of brands it owns, one of which is Victor Super Premium Dog Food.

Though the Victor brand goes back to the mid 1900’s, it’s parent company has relatively fresh roots.

Mid-America Pet Food was founded in 2007 with intentions to make a difference solely in it’s region (Middle USA); with the CEO stating he never dreamed of growing so much.[2Nowadays they boast a premium brand and business couldn’t be better, but it wasn’t always that way.

But: The company’s CEO Scott Glover initially didn’t have money to hire contractors to build the company’s first facility, so he bought an 80-ton crane and went to work himself, setting every stick of steel in the first plant. Taking 2-1/2 years to build from scratch, Glover finally had a plant to manufacture pet food in, but absolutely no customers. Nor did banks want to loan to him.

The now president Antoine Albin joined the venture as president and the two sat in a car and drove thousands of miles pitching their facility (mainly to feed mills) and looking for customers. As a result they got 2 companies to come on board, 10 years later those first two are still customers!

who makes victor premium dog food

Credit: Victor Pet Food

Results: Nowadays they’re one of the major players, offering premium pet food through a rising network of independent distributors who in-turn work with independent retailers across the USA. As well as being responsible for the fastest growing natural and functional pet food brands in the USA; earning an excellent reputation as a result of it’s passionate devotion to quality control and it’s special manufacturing capabilities.

Fun fact: Mid-America Pet Food itself was acquired in 2014 by a Dallas based private equity firm called Trinity Hunt Partners (THP), with hopes of accelerating growth.[3]

They pride themselves on premium, yet affordable, pet food; manufactured in their own facilities.

Now: Speaking of facilities, you want to know where the stuff is actually made, right?

Where Is Victor Dog Food Made?

mid america per food manufacturing facility for victor dog food

Credit: Victor Pet Food

In contrast to many popular pet brands, Victor does not outsource it’s production. Everything is made in-house from start to finish in East Texas.

Made in the USA: Yes. The company employs almost 90 people these days and has built it’s state-of-the-art production facility’s capacity to up to 200,000 metric tons a year. It’s facility is located in Mt. Pleasant, Texas and it has about 10 territory managers scattered throughout the USA.

Legal name: Mid America Pet Food LLC.

U.S. Headquarters: P.O. Box 532, Mt. Pleasant, TX 75456.


  • CEO – Scott Glover
  • President – Antoine Albin
  • CFO – Ken Colbey
  • VP Operations – Paul Majors
  • Sales Manager – Tom Butler.

Contact info: 903-572-5900, emailwebsite.

U.S. Manufacturing Facilities: (1) Texas.

Where does Victor source their ingredients from?

Victor dog food sources it’s ingredients locally, as much as possible. They consider these high-quality nutritional ingredients to be the real value underlying the relative success of their dog food.

According to Victor: More than  80% of the ingredients used in their pet food comes from a 200-mile radius of their manufacturing facility. With the remainder, presumably as with all other competitive pet food companies, coming from global suppliers vetted for quality and safety.

One thing that makes us very unique is our close proximity to our raw materials. ~ Antoine Albin, Company President

Purpose driven: According to Victor Pet Food, every ingredient in their formulas serves a purpose. At the foundation of each of the Victor pet food products are four core ingredients. Selected to promote your pets digestion, healthy metabolism, as well as to strengthen their immune defense system.

The VICTOR Core four are:[4]

  • Sel-Plex®
  • ZinPro Availa®Pet
  • Actigen™
  • Diamond V®

All Victor formulas are free from:

  • gluten
  • wheat
  • soy
  • corn

What kind of preservatives does Victor use in their dog food?

They use only Natural Plant Based preservatives. Ys, but you’re wondering what exactly that means, aren’t you? So were we. Basically it means that they do not use any artificial preservatives and that the natural preservative they use is a unique blend of:

  • mixed tocopherols (greater free-radical absorption)
  • botanically-sourced antioxidants (added to protein and fat ingredients for stabilization and natural prevention of oxidative damage).

Complete and balanced dog food

Victor dog food formulas meet AAFCO “complete and balanced” nutritional profile standards essential for raising a healthy do. Whether it be for an All Life Stage formula, or for a Maintenance formula for dogs. By including:

  • amino acids
  • essential fatty acids
  • minerals
  • vitamins
  • protein
  • and more.

Now: You now know who makes Victor pet food, but let’s now take a look at where to buy it.

Who Sells Victor Super Premium Dog Food?

The company behind Victor pet food, Mid-America Pet Food, focuses exclusively on the independent market. Which is probably why you haven’t seen Victor dog food as often as some other popular pet brands in stores such as Petco, PetSmart, Walmart or your grocery store.

Why is Victor dog food so exclusive? Victor pet food’s CEO states they don’t sell in the mainstream markets/outlets listed above, nor do they plan to sell in those markets in the future. Instead, they focus on small, independent markets.

Victor dog food believes that there just aren’t that many companies in the smaller independent markets, though the market itself is growing. They wouldn’t have it any other way, however, as they’ve found their niche!

Where to buy Victor dog food?

Their food is distributed through a wide network of independent distributors, who also only distribute to independent retailers. Find the closest one to you below.

To find your nearest location: If you’re looking for a place to buy the seemingly hard to find Victor Super Premium Dog Food, simply visit their Where to Buy – Search Tool and you’ll be presented with in-store and online options.

Victor is also available online at retailers such as,, and

Pro tip: It’s always good to call the place first and check available, before making the trip.

How Does Victor Dog Food Rate? rates Victor Super Premium Pet Food with an outstanding 5 out of 5 possible stars. We are impressed by this brand of premium dog food, from the early origins of the brand Victor, to the origins of their manufacturer Mid-America Pet Foods whose CEO built their first facility by hand, from scratch, with nothing but pure dedication to manufacturing quality pet food.

Reasons we like Victor:

  • Protein from quality meat ingredients across the board
  • Little to no marketing hyperbole on the packaging
  • Size variety of packaging
  • Quality at an affordable price
  • Superb team leading the behind the scenes operations

Ultimately, choosing to not sacrifice ingredient quality for a cheaper price, and choosing to stay a private, tight knit firm with control over every aspect of production, it’s not a great surprise that there have been no know serious recalls associated with this dog food as of yet.

Which Victor Dog Food Is Best?

Not only is it hard to identify a brands “best” food, due to the nature of the very question itself; but it is also impossible to say that the company won’t alter certain formulas in the future which would make their food even better, or perhaps worse off.

When it comes to Victors premium dog food, all we can do is offer some purpose-driven choices we believe to be of high quality. But at the end of the day, you know your dogs needs best. That being said, here are three formulas from Victor dog food that are sure to please:

  • Good Grain-Free Formula
  • Good Normally Active Dog Formula
  • Good Highly Active Dog Formula

Note: Be sure to check out our handy Dog Food Calculator tool, if you’re stuck on how much to feed.

Important: Always consult with your vet before experimenting with different foods on your dog.

Can puppies eat Victor dog food?

Yes. Victor has a few puppy specific dog foods. Specifically it has an Active Dog & Puppy Grain Free Formula [See it on Amazon] with USA sourced beef meal, chicken meal, and pork meal. As well as guaranteed levels of vitamin E, and Omega 6 & 3.


  • 75% protein from meat and poultry sources
  • 25% protein from plant and vegetable sources
  • 0% protein from grain
  • No corn, no wheat, no soy, no gluten
  • GMO free

Only dry form: At this time the above only comes in a dry form, perhaps Victor will add a wet formula in the future. Alternatively, you could feed one of their All Life Stages wet/canned formulas, remembering to track calories and feeding frequency.

Note: If you’re looking to find the top food selection for your breed, be sure to check out our comprehensive guides:

The above covers everything from classification, to feeding tips, to top recommendations.

Victor Dog Food Product Catalog

victor super premium dog food product catalog

Victor Super Premium Dog Food Formulas: Classic Formulas, Select Formulas, & Grain-Free Formulas.

You’ll notice the following letters accompanying each recipe below. This is the recipes pertinent AAFCO nutrient profile (if we’re able to locate it on the company’s website).

They denote:

  • Growth
  • Maintenance
  • All Life Stages
  • Supplemental
  • Unspecified.

Important: We feel it important to state that many websites do not reliably indicate which Growth or All Life Stages recipes are deemed safe for large breed puppies.

Now: You may see it on some of the recipes below, but we typically do not include this data in our reports. Make sure you examine the actual packaging for this information.

How much does Victor dog food cost?

All prices we mentioned here are an average based on reviewing the top five online stores. The final price presented to you can vary. So don’t hold us to the penny! 🙂

Victor mostly sells their premium dog food in 5, 15, 30 and 40 lb (18.14 kg) bags. The price of which ranges between $10 to $70, depending on the formula and weight in question.

Victor Dog Food

  • Victor Performance [M] [Dry]
  • Victor Professional [A] [Dry]
  • Victor Multi-Pro [A] [Dry]
  • Victor Hi Pro Plus [A] [Dry]
  • Victor High Energy [A] [Dry]
  • Victor Lamb and Rice Formula [A] [Wet / Canned]
  • Victor Chicken and Rice Formula [A] [Wet / Canned]
  • Victor Grain Free Turkey and Sweet Potato Stew [A] [Wet / Canned]
  • Victor Grain Free Cuts in Gravy with Beef and Vegetables [A] [Wet / Canned]
  • Victor Grain Free Cuts in Gravy with Chicken and Vegetables [A] [Wet / Canned]

Victor Grain-Free Dog Food

  • Victor Grain Free Ultra Pro [A] [Dry]
  • Victor Grain Free Hero Canine [M] [Dry]
  • Victor Grain Free Yukon River Canine [A] [Dry]
  • Victor Grain Free Countryside Canine [A] [Dry]
  • Victor Grain Free Prairie Land Canine [A] [Dry]
  • Victor Grain Free Active Dog And Puppy [A] [Dry]

Victor Select Dog Food

  • Victor Select Nutra Pro [A] [Dry]
  • Victor Select Senior/Healthy Weight [M] [Dry]
  • Victor Select Ocean Fish with Salmon [A] [Dry]
  • Victor Select Lamb Meal and Brown Rice [A] [Dry]
  • Victor Select Chicken Meal and Brown Rice [A] [Dry]
  • Victor Select Beef Meal and Brown Rice [A] [Dry]

Victor Recall History

Below is a list of all (if any) recall incidents tied to this brand. It encompasses an analysis of all dog food recalls dating back to 2010, as well as further back; pointing out any releases directly related to this product line.

Note: If you don’t see any recall below, it means either of these two things. 1. There have been no recalls directly related to this product line. 2. We have not yet updated the section to reflect a recent recall.

Recalls related to Victor:

  • None: Let’s hope it stays that way!

Worth mentioning: For a company that has been in business as long as Victor, it is great to see that no serious recalls or incidents stick out. This is a testament to the company’s philosophy and commitment to food safety, and ingredient sourcing controls.

Note: Should any of the above change, we’ll be sure to keep you posted, simply sign up for our free recalls newsletter.

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re in the market for a classic, select, or grain-free Victor formulas, we’re happy to say that all indications point to you not being dissapointed.

Every formula begins with a proven VICTOR Core, a diligently researched base of four essential ingredients for superior nutrition.

Here’s the Victor Core expanded:

  • Selenium Yeast (Sel-Plex): Helps support metabolism, strong immune response, and cellular regeneration.
  • Complex Minerals (Availa Pet ZinPro): For support of healthy coat and skin, efficient metabolic function, paw pad integrity, and immune response.
  • Prebiotics (Actigen): Helps promote a healthy digestive system, immune defense system.
  • Probiotics (Diamond V): Helps support a strong immune system along with healthy digestion; through all-natural yeast culture probiotics.

An above average dog food

Victor pet food definitely seems worthy of the praise, and we see it growing perhaps even larger now that it has been acquired by a big private equity firm a few years ago; with the intention of expanding market share.

What we’d like to see: We have noticed that the Nutra Pro 38 formula uses a controversial ingredient called Blood Meal.[5] Typically manufacturers use this as an inexpensive protein booster, but there’s no way of knowing what type of animal it came from and what’s hidden inside (lingering hormones, medications, etc.). We’d like to see more transparency from Victor Pet Food regarding this and any other similar ingredients used.

Victor Dog Food Coupons

Note: Regarding our brand analysis or product reviews; we do not accept money, samples, or gifts from pet food companies or manufacturers for special favors or considerations.

We welcome our readers to share coupons and discounts with us that we may have missed in our search.

We were unable to locate any coupons and/or discounts on the Victor website.

Now: Should you make a purchase by clicking the buying tip below, you will help us keep the lights on; as we will receive a referral fee from the online store. (Which in no way inhibits our independence and objectivity).

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Notes, References & Updates

Please review the below when analyzing this article further.


  • Descriptions and analysis expressed on this site are strictly the views and opinions of the author.
  • do not test any dog food products.
  • The accuracy of the information herein is dependent heavily on and correlated with the integrity of information provided by the dog food company in question.
  • We strive to get all the info correct, but we do not and cannot guarantee it’s completeness or accuracy. Additionally, we do not have the resources to ensure the material is kept up-to-date on a daily basis.
  • Each analysis is offered in good faith and is intended to help you make a more informed buying decision when it comes to purchasing dog food.
  • Due to the unique biological identity of each dog, none of our analysis are meant to suggest or guarantee that feeding a particular dog food will result in any specific response in their diet or offer any specific health benefits.


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  1. Jim Smih on May 11, 2019 at 1:23 pm

    Victor has a new owner and they added blood meal to most of there dog foods. We have customers complaining after feeding their dog the new formula. Their dogs had vomiting, diarrhea and bloody stools with abdominal pain. That is the side effects of a dog eating blood meal. Experts at the Pet Poison Helpline and here’s what they said! Blood meal – While it’s a great organic fertilizer, if ingested, it can cause vomiting and diarrhea for dogs. More importantly, it can result in severe pancreatitis – inflammation of the pancreas. We stopped selling Victor dog food.

  2. Pearl on September 4, 2019 at 5:07 am

    Victor has ruined their dog food by changing their formula for greed. My dog with EPI Did great on Victor Hero until they changed about 5 ingredients. This food is terrible and I had to switch. WHY FIX SOMETHING THAT ISN’T BROKE! ! GREED.

  3. Shari Morin on January 25, 2020 at 1:27 pm

    I was told by a breeder to try your food. I just lost a 4 year old dog to DCM. My only concern is the blood meal I your lamb and rice. I know lamb has a lower protein and you maybe using the blood meal to boost protein values.I hear it causes vomiting and diarrhea and pancreatitis. I usually feed my bloodhounds lamb. But I do not feel comfortable feeding the lamb with nloodmeal. My dog is allergic to chicken. So our options are beef or lamb.

  4. Bill on April 11, 2020 at 7:25 am

    I was feeding Victor professional with good results ,until they added Blood meal to product , terrible stools. But now i have a serious problem , i have 2 pups from totally different bloodline , develop juvenile cataract in just 1 eye ,the mothers were fed this food during pregnancy and pups were feed the victor professional also. I have never in 15 years breeding had this problem prior . Parents do not have problem or any of there litter mates. The only common denominator is the food i was feeding and puppy buyers fed the victor professional also. After much research is says heritary juvenile cataract involve both eyes both pups only 1 eye is involved. It says congenital can be caused by poor nutrition , so this is why i am concerned it could be the blood meal in the food. The breed i am breeding is not a breed that has heritary juvenile cataracts !

  5. susan lattier on December 7, 2020 at 3:19 pm

    Have a cute picture of my Leonberger pups with a Victor bag, how can I share?